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Water, food, shelter and power are the key elements for survival.  Many countries around the world do not have potable water and are suffering disease and death resulting from consuming poisoned water.  Hitor has evaluated many different technologies all claiming to purify and filter contaminants from polluted water.  We have chosen to partner with a manufacturer of the leading patented water filtration systems in the world that uses no chemicals what so ever.  This falls completely in line with our corporate mission and vision.

Hitor is incredibly excited, as this new technology can treat almost any water source turning it back into 99% drinkable water … this truly will impact people around the globe.” Ken Martin CEO Hitor Group.

Hitor has signed a joint venture with a private patented water reclamation system that can produce quality approved water from virtually any contaminated water source and power.

This technology works in all areas like municipal water and sewage applications, animal waste lagoons, industrial wastewater extraction, mining, fracking, salt water, construction, rivers and even lakes etc. virtually any water source.

Hitor’s water reclamation systems remove up to 99% of the natural or man-made pollutants found in these waters, rendering pure and renewed water for potable consumption or non-potable disposal (environmentally-suitable discharge).

If you have a need for more information please contact us immediately.  We want to support everyone in getting back fresh clean consumable water.


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