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About Us

The Hitor management team and advisory board brings years of business expertise across a broad range of disciplines that account for over hundreds of millions of value creation for shareholders, business partners and customers.  The Hitor team averages 30+ years of experience in developing and marketing disruptive technologies that include communications, transportation, construction, recycling and green technologies.  The team has extensive transportation, construction and development related experience as well as international businesses development and negotiating with foreign governments.

Management Team

Ken Martin
Position:  Director and Chief Executive Officer of Hitor Group

Ken Martin is the Director and Chief Executive Officer of Hitor Group.  Mr. Martin, founder of International Telcom Solutions, Inc. (ITS) has an extensive international background in the telecommunications industry spanning fifteen years. Through a vast global network Mr. Martin negotiates government level contracts for VOIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol). To date he has initialized contracts for Russia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Italy and Malta. Current negotiations underway include Thailand, Viet Nam, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, France, Cyprus, China, and former Russian States. He is also the owner of a telecommunications company and the founder of an International telecommunications company since 1992.  He has negotiated multi-million dollar contracts with governments and major companies.

Will Robertson

Position: Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Hitor Group

Mr. Robertson is well known to Hitor Group on an international basis and brings over 35 years of business experience in green technology, electric powered vehicles, financing, sales & marketing in both private and public company involvement. Will was past President of a prior Hitor enterprise called LiteWave Communications where he was responsible for creating international long distance termination agreements with foreign governments in Russia, Germany, Malta and France with Founder, CEO Ken Martin. Will is also COO at Zero Truck Corp. in California where fully electric powered medium duty trucks are made for firms such as Google, Safeway, Sky Chefs and many municipal government agencies. Will has been a consultant to Fortune 100 companies under the name Performance Strategies, Inc. ( since 1990.

Harald Hartz

Position:  Germany’s Managing Director Hitor Group

Harald Hartz is the Managing Director Hitor Group in Germany. Mr. Hartz has traveled extensively in Eastern European block countries and lived in Asia.  He has many high-ranking contacts throughout the world and in particular China, Poland, Baltic States and Germany. Mr. Hartz was formerly employed as an inspector and manager of ORO Frucht –Import GmbH. Mr. Hartz will lead the Company’s sales effort in the European market through a network of representatives, which he has previously established.

Masood Ali Shah
Position: Director of Business Development & Marketing of Hitor Group

Mr. Shah has over 25 years of extensive international business experience in sales, marketing, trading, corporate consulting securing government contracts.  Both Mr. Martin and Mr. Shah worked together closely for years on numerous international business opportunities.  Currently Mr. Shah is working on several major projects in Pakistan and surrounding countries.

Frank Palasz
Position:  Manager of Sales & Distribution of Hitor Group

Mr. Palasz has over 30 years of international business experience ranging from construction, real estate development to Import/exporting.  Mr. Palasz brings international connections and business development expertise. Frank will be responsible for setting up of the first European manufacturing plant and overseeing it’s operations in Poland.

Bob Pellerin
Position: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Hitor Group

Mr. Pellerin brings over 25 years of business experience in technology, management, and sales experience. Bob is president of a consulting company having clients in the legal, manufacturing and software development companies. Bob has provided consulting services to with a wide variety of companies and government agencies throughout North America. Bob was Director of Technology for both Heenan Blaikie and McCarthy Tétrault, two of North America`s most prestigious and well known Canadian law firms. His previous employers include Microsoft and Micron. He is also producer and host of the popular podcast.


Board of Advisors

Richard Harris

Mr. Harris is CEO of World Distribution Solutions North America ( and long time friend of Mr. Martin.  Together they work analyzing and selecting green technologies to market and distribute globally.  Mr. Harris has over 35 years of international business focusing on marketing and distribution, financing and both private and public company experience.

Siegfried Lietzmann 

Mr. Lietzmann brings a wealth of International political and business experience through out Europe.  He is an Engineer with a degree in political science and a native of Brandenburg.   Mr. Lietzmann is the former Mayor, Deputy Head and a member of the state parliament of Brandenburg.  Currently he runs his own very successful real estate business and corporate consulting for many international businesses.  Mr. Lietzmann with all his political, business and personal contacts will support Hitor’s efforts in Germany and abroad.

 David Muir 

Mr. Muir brings over 25 years of International business experience in sales & marketing as well as business development.  Dave has been instrumental in expanding businesses, taking products to market and developing world-class sales organizations.  Dave is overseeing the sales & marketing, product integration, implementation and customer communications for Hitor.