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3D Panels




Hitor Construction has teamed up with Garcia Contracting to complement the current construction technologies.  Garcia are construction experts having used the latest available technologies such as 3D, G Panel, Recycled products.  Garcia Contracting is now a subdivision of Hitor and can now offer its clients:

  • 1)   Complete project management,
  • 2)   Full construction design, planning and execution,3d1
  • 3)   A full range of housing solutions for clients worldwide.
  • 4)   International experience in shopping centers, office towers, high-end housing or even low cost housing technology and solutions.
  • 5)   Experience in utilizing latest construction technologies,
  • 6)   International master builders with over 100 years of management and hands on experience.
  • 7)   Integrated housing solutions – Villas to low cost housing solutions.
  • 8)   Servicing all aspects of Construction from concept n to completion.
  • 9)   Education & training specialists.

Please click the following link to view our 3D power point presentation

3D Presentation 2014